Nakajo - The Natural Side of Nagano 自然が豊かな長野にある中条


On the outskirts of Nagano City and enroute to Hakuba, you'll find Nakajo.

Nakajo Nanohana.jpgNakajo offers numerous picturesque views of the Japan Alps, which are still covered in snow even in May. They are also running an Artist-in-Residence Program NAGAIR: https://www.city.nagano.nagano.jp/soshiki/geijutsu/131533.html.


Map 1.jpgMap 2.jpgThere are plenty of historic places to see within Nakajo itself. You can even stay in a renovated farmhouse. The traditional, thatched-roof building offers modern amenities amidst the atmosphere of a different time period. Even if you aren't staying, you can still enjoy a meal and view the traditional fire place where the baked oyaki dumplings are prepared. http://yakimochiya.jp/


If you're just passing through, you can find many local goods at the Michi-no-eki Rest Area: http://nakajyo-actio.jp/

The Heidi Special ハイジ・スペシャル

2017年4月 4日

Behold "The Heidi Special"! 「ハイジ・スペシャル」をご覧ください!



This lunch dish is offered at the restaurant Alpen Dining Yanagiran next to Lift No. 6 at the Togakushi Ski Resort. The dish comes from Switzerland, hence the lunch special is named after the fictional character, Heidi. The cheese, which is called "raclette", is eaten after it is melted and scraped off.

このランチは戸隠スキー場の6番リフトの隣にあるAlpen Dining Yanagiranというレストランで提供されています。この料理はスイスの料理で、スイスの物語であるキャラクターのハイジに因みランチスペシャルの名前になりました。ラクレットというチーズを溶かしてそぎ落としてから食べます。



The Togakushi Ski Resort is now closed for the season, but you may find the Alpen Dining Yanagiran chefs and staff at the Togakushi Camp Grounds this summer!
You can find more information on their facebook page at

今シーズンは戸隠スキー場の営業が終了しましたが、この夏にAlpen Dining Yanagiranのシェフやスタッフは戸隠キャンプ場にいるかもしれません!
https://www.facebook.com/togakushishokudo/?fref=ts をアクセスすると、フェースブックページで詳しい情報を見ることができます。

The Togakushi Camp Grounds offer various summer activities and accomodations.
Please visit their official website for reservations and other information.


【第12回写真展示会「外国籍県民が撮った長野」を開催します】 The 12th "Nagano International Perspective" Photo Exhibit 【第12届摄影作品展「外国籍县民拍摄的长野」即将召开】

2017年4月 3日

 Every year, the CIRs of Nagano collect photos taken by international residents of Nagano capturing their favorite things about Nagano, and exhibit them at various places around the prefecture. The more that people see these scenes, the more we can increase our understanding of international culture and rediscover our own perceptions of the local area.

This year's theme: "The Warmth of Nagano"

Despite the cold climate, Nagano Prefecture is full of warmth! From the warm welcome of the residents, to the heart-warming foods, there's a wealth of ways to get you through the cold winter days!

If you have a special photo from Nagano that makes yo...u feel all warm and fuzzy inside, be sure to share it with the entire prefecture! A winter dinner, the spring-time blossoms, a summer's hike, the autumn colours - we would love to see what makes Nagano warm and cozy for you!

Exhibit Dates/Locations:

Monday 4/3 - Friday 4/7: Prefectural Office (Kencho) Lobby (Nagano-shi)
Monday 4/10 - Friday 4/14: Kiso Town, Kiso-fukushima Community Center Lobby
Monday 4/17 - Friday 4/21: Koumi Town Office (Yakuba) Lobby (Koumi-machi)
Monday 4/24 - Friday 4/28: Inasse building, 2nd Floor Lobby (Ina-shi)
Monday 5/1 - Friday 5/12: Iiyama Station 2nd floor Tourism Center (Iiyama-shi)
Tuesday 5/16 - Wednesday 5/24: Minami Matsumoto Aeon Mall, 1F Central Court
Monday 5/29 - Friday 6/2: ENPARK 3rd floor Citizens (Shimin) Salon (Shiojiri-shi)
Monday 6/5 - Friday 6/9: Ringo-hiroba, MIDORI, Nagano Station (Nagano-shi)
Monday 6/12 - Friday 6/16: Achi Village Community Center Lobby



4月 3日(月)~ 4月7日(金) 長野県庁 玄関ホール
4月10日(月)~ 4月14日(金) 木曽町木曽福島公民館 玄関
4月17日(月)~ 4月21日(金) 小海町役場 玄
4月24日(月)~ 4月28日(金) 伊那市 いなっせ 2 階 の市民ロビー
5月 1日(月)~ 5月12日(金) 飯山駅 2階 観光交流センター
5月16日(火)~ 5月24日(水) 松本市イオン南松本店 1階セントラルコート
5月29日(月)~ 6月 2日(金) 塩尻市 えんぱーく 3階 市民サロン
6月 5日(月)~ 6月 9日(金)  MIDORI長野 3階 りんごのひろば
6月12日(月)~ 6月16日(金) 阿智村公民館 玄関






4月 3日(月)~ 4月7日(金) 長野県庁 玄関ホール
4月10日(月)~ 4月14日(金) 木曽町木曽福島公民館 玄関
4月17日(月)~ 4月21日(金) 小海町役場 玄
4月24日(月)~ 4月28日(金) 伊那市 いなっせ 2 階 の市民ロビー
5月 1日(月)~ 5月12日(金) 飯山駅 2階 観光交流センター
5月16日(火)~ 5月24日(水) 松本市イオン南松本店 1階セントラルコート
5月29日(月)~ 6月 2日(金) 塩尻市 えんぱーく 3階 市民サロン
6月 5日(月)~ 6月 9日(金)  MIDORI長野 3階 りんごのひろば
6月12日(月)~ 6月16日(金) 阿智村公民館 玄関

Nishinomon Yoshinoya: Sake, Miso, and More! 西之門よしのや:酒・味噌等!

2017年3月 9日


Sake Brewery
and Miso Manufacturing Company20170308_120028.jpg

Founded in Kyoto, the business was moved here in 1637.


It is just down the street from Zenkoji Temple.


Washoku Restaurant Sakura

At Restaurant Sakura, you can enjoy the depth of flavors of the miso and sake produced on site. In the spring, you can also enjoy the view of the property's mutilple cherry blossom trees.


Hours 11:00~20:00
Closed Every 4th Wednesday

Access & Contact

Map: http://www.nishinomon-yoshinoya.com/company.html

Restaurant and Shop Inquiries

TEL 026-237-5000
Hours 9:00~17:30
365 days a year

For more information: http://www.nishinomon-yoshinoya.com/

Make Your Voice Heard! Nagano City Hall International Exchange Meeting 国際交流市民会議


As the number of tourists from abroad increases, we'd like to hear from you about what makes Nagano City appealing and what improvements we can make in the future. Please join us for a town meeting on Saturday, February 11 from 10:30am to 12pm on the 3rd floor of Monzen Plaza.Town Meeting 2017.jpg

Tea store and cafe offering sweets with a modern day spin while incorporating traditional flavors お茶や伝統的な味が楽しめる近代風お菓子を提供しているお店・カフェ

2016年12月 7日

Occha-moto Mihara Zenkoji-shita Shop

お茶元みはら 胡蝶庵茶寮 善光寺下店

Located just a few minutes walking from Zenkoji Temple, this tea shop sells Matcha (green tea) Daifuku, a treat with a matcha ice-cream filling and a soft, chewy exterior, as well as Matcha rare-cheese tarts similar to cheese cake. Descriptions of the tea and how to make the tea are offered in multiple languages in a brochure courtesy of the store.

Store Hours: 10am - 6pm

Cafe Hours: Weekdays 100pm500pm Last Order 430pm
         Weekends and Holidays 10
00am500pm Last Order 430

Higashimachi-170 Nagano, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 381-0000




Public Bath House Alps Onsen, Nagano City 長野市のアルプス温泉(銭湯)



Alps Onsen is about a 10 minute walk from Nagano Station's Zenkoji Exit. Although it is not a natural hot spring, this bath house provides a quiet place to warm yourself during the cold Nagano winter. The facility itself is quite old, but the staff are friendly and the changing and bathing areas are clean.

The cost to enter is 380 yen, and towel rentals are free. Payment is made via cash only to the older woman who oversees both the male and female bathing areas (She is able to view both the men's and women's sides).

Unlike at some older hot spring facilities, you will find shoe lockers and lockers for valuables. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are not included, so you will need to bring your own or purchase some available on site. Other amenities such as razors are also available for purchase. You can use the hair dryer there for 20 yen.

The bath water is kept very hot in order to help kill bacteria. There are faucets to add cold water, but be sure to try and ask any other bathers first before turning on a faucet. Older bathers especially may become upset that cold water is being added.

Typically you rinse off before entering the bath briefly to warm your body. After this you can then proceed to wash your hair etc. If you are not used to bathing in such hot water, do not remain in for extended periods of time as you may become light-headed.

2:00pm - 10:30pm
Closed Mondays (Open on national public holidays)

1481 Shinden-cho, Minaminagano, Ooaza, Nagano City

10 minutes walking from Nagano Station. 17 minutes walking from Zenkoji Temple. The building is located along a narrow side street next to Monzen Plaza (the Tomato Supermarket Building).

You can take the local city bus "Gururin-go" for 150 yen from any stop on the line and get off at Showadori 昭和通り. The last Gururin-go bus bound for Nagano Station picks up from Showadori at 7:51pm.  https://www.alpico.co.jp/access/nagano/gururin/

Nagaden and Alpico buses bound for Gondo 権堂 also drop-off and pick-up at Showadori. Times vary between weekdays and weekends.



Zenkoji Shopping Street Shop Yokubun 善光寺表参道商店街の店 横文



Located along the Zenkoji Omotesando Shopping Street, Yokobun handles ceramics and some antiques. Although the shop has irregular holidays, the proprietor can speak both Japanese and English, and if you find him at the shop, he will be happy to speak with you. Even if you are not interested in making purchases, you can ask him for information about the surrounding area.




 The rear of the shop offers a serene view of a Japanese garden complete with a small stream flowing from a well that is over 100 years old. You'll also notice a storehouse built in the style of traditional Japanese storehouses.

For more information please visit: http://www.nagano-saijiki.jp/shoparea/shopsite/yokobun.html



Riding the Nagano Dentetsu Railway a.k.a the Nagaden


Making Your Way to Nagaden Nagano Station from JR Nagano Station

Once you exit the JR Nagano shinkansen or local train ticket gates, head to the Zenkoji Exit (West Exit). Going down the escalator, you will come to another set of escalators that will take you down to the basement level.

An elevetor is located a little further on near the number 5 bus stop.

Nagaden Escalator Access

Midori EntranceElevator Access

Nagaden Elevator Access

Purchasing Your Tickets




Ticket machine


For the local train, the ticket costs 1160 yen (one way).

To go all the way to the Yudanaka Station in Yamanouchi, you will need to transfer once at Shinshu-Nakano Station. Simply get off the train and board the train bound for Yudanaka from the same platform. You do not need to exit the ticket gates.

Total Cost Round Trip: 2,320 yen


Limited Express

To take the limited express, buy a regular fare ticket from the machine for 1160 yen (one way).

You will then buy an additional 100 yen express ticket from the machine as well. English is available.

Buying an express train ticket

Buying an express train ticket 2

Total Cost Round Trip: 2,520 yen

Prices for Main Stops

Prices for main stops

Please see the bulletin board next to the ticket window for updates posted in English.

Nagaden Snow Monkey Pass Winter 2016 English

Special Tickets

2-DAY Nagaden All-You-Can-Ride-Pass

Covers Nagaden trains (including express) and buses within the region.

Adult: 3,200 yen

Child: 1,600 yen

If going to the Snow Monkey Park (Winter Season Only):

It may be more economical to buy a one-day pass which allows you unlimited use of the trains and express and local buses running to the park AND covers the park entry fee. These passes need to be purchased at the ticket window.

Tentative Sale Period: 12/03/2016 - 03/31/2017

Adult: 3,200 yen

Child: 1,600 yen

Togakushi: A Year Round Experience


Explore a mysterious hidden area that is home to the Togakure School of Ninja

Tree lined path.jpgWater source near the shrine.jpg

The Ninja's Way of Life

American Ninja Warrior (a spin-off of the Japanese television series Sasuke), Ninja Turtles, Naruto  the image of the ninja is a popular one, but one that is often portrayed in a fantastical light with little historical accuracy.

throwing stars

One type of Shuriken, the Shaken, or "throwing star".

In Togakushi, you'll find a ninja theme park which includes shuriken throwing, obstacle courses, and other things that you might expect to see in a ninja themed park. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the Kids Ninja Village or チビッ子忍者村 Chibiko Ninja Mura.

But you will also discover the deeper mysteries of the Ninja legacy that have been preserved here for hundreds of years.

Ninja pictures

 What were the lives of ninja really like? Take a look at the lifestyle and techniques of real ninja. You can even study techniques with actively practicing ninja. If you are interested in martial arts or techniques that can be used in self defense, Togakushi Ninja are waiting to train you! Visit the Togakushi Folk Museum, the Togakushi Ninja, Museum, and the Ninja Trick Mansion .

KunoichiContact Information

You can also enjoy delicious Ninja Soba (buckwheat noodles). Soba meal 1Soba meal 2Soba house water wheel

Where to Stay

Aside from hotels and hostels available in the city center, a number of temple lodgings or Shukubo ― once used to house priests and offer travelers a place to  stay and pray   are available near the Togakushi Shrines.

Nagano City Hotels, Hostels, and Ryokans by Area in English

Togakushi Area (Primarily in Japanese, but please see below for an English translation of selections at the top of the page can be used to narrow your search results. Some of the lodgings' websites do offer English.)

エリアで絞り込むNarrow results by area

すべて選択 Select all         越水地区Koshimizu Area           中社地区Middle Shrine Area            宝光社地区 Hokosha Shrine Area           豊岡地区 Toyooka Area            その他Other

 カテゴリーで絞り込むNarrow results by category

すべて選択 Select all    民宿 Japanese-style bed and breakfasts   旅館 Japanese Inn            ホテル Hotel     ペンション Pension



Buses run regularly from Nagano City's JR Nagano Station. For bus times and fares please visit the Alpico Nagano-Togakushi Bus Route web page. Round trip fare from the station to the Hokosha Shrine (the lower shrine) is 2,100 and fare to the Middle Shrine is 2,250. The upper shrine is only accessible on foot from the Okusha Parking Lot.  


It is also possible to rent cars at a number of places around Nagano Station. You may be able to get discounts by booking online or if you intend to book train tickets in addition to an online car reservation. You can rent a car with 4WD for half a day with prices starting at around 5,000 yen. If you're visiting in the winter, snow tires are automatically included in your rental, but the upper shrine is inaccessible by vehicle during the winter months (around mid-November to late-April).   

There are two main routes leading to Togakushi. One takes you past the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track.

A detailed blog article with information about things to do in English is provided by Myoko-Nagano: Explore the Heart of Japan here. Please verify dates and prices for specific venues or activities as some information may have changed.


Obasute Station Night View Train ナイトビュー姨捨


Boarding a reservation only train that takes just a little over 30 minutes to reach its destination, I was treated to a stunning night view from Obasute Station.

ShinshuNightview.jpgThe Obasute Night View Train

Night View TrainSavory Local Dishes

The ride allowed us enough time to dig into this hearty bento which even included rice harvested from our destination, Obasute.

Obasute Bento

The View

Despite the rain, the city lights still offered a beautiful scene. The moon rising over the rice fields must be stunning.

Obasute View

Warm Hospitality

Upon our arrival, guides were waiting to greet us, and we were given details of the area's history in English.

Within the station, we were treated to free warm miso soup and naturally sweet amazake as well as live music.

Obasute miso soupSchedule and Reservations

This year's season has finished, but Obasute is still accessible year-round by local train. If you missed out on the Night View Train this year, you can look forward to the full experience next season! Reservations should be made at least 5 days in advance to the びゅう予約センターbyuu yoyaku sentaa (TEL:026-227-6809).


Travel through the Capital of the Valley, Kinasa 谷の都きなさ ふるさとの原風景を訪ねる旅


9/17(Sat) - 9/19(Mon)

Depart the Hotel Metropolitan Nagano at 9:00am. Return around 4:40pm.

5,000 yen per person. The fee covers lunch, entrance fees, and transportation costs. For reservations please contact the Nagano City Convention Bureau 026-223-6050 or the Nagano City Tourist Information Center 026-226-5626.



Explore Nagano with This All-You-Can-Ride Travel Pass! 長野探索しよう!乗り放題トラベルパスで


Explore Nagano with unlimited travel passes. You'll find easy access to other areas from Nagano City!All-you-can-ride bus pass

All-you-can-ride bus pass back

Matsushiro⇔Ueda Shuttle Bus 松代⇔上田 往復シャトルバス

2016年8月 9日

Thinking of visiting the Sanadamaru sites? Shuttle buses run Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays 04/02 (Sat) - 11/27 (Sun). 

Bus route and times: (Outbound) Bessho Onsen (Shinshu Kankou Bus Bessho Onsen Office) ①9:30am ②2:10pm =>  Ueda Station ①10:00am ②2:40pm => Ueda Castle Site ①10:10am ②2:50pm => Yukimura Yumekoubou ①10:40am ②3:20pm => Matsushiro Sanada Treasures Museum ①11:20am ②4:00pm

(Inbound)  Matsushiro Sanada Treasures Museum ①12:00pm ②4:20pm => Yukimura Yumekoubou ①12:40pm ②5:00pm => Ueda Castle Site ①1:10pm ②5:30pm => Ueda Station ①1:20pm ②5:40pm => Bessho Onsen (Shinshu Kankou Bus Bessho Onsen Office) ①1:50pm ②6:10pm

Adults: ¥1,000, Elementary school students: ¥500





Nagano City Photo Contest ナガノ おさんぽカメラ


Nagano City Photo Contest


The current theme is summer. The submission period is July 1 - September 11. Limit 3 submissions per season. Pictures from digital cameras can be submitted online at http://nagano-irodori.com/osanpo/index.html

Mobile phone photographs should be sent to osanpo2015@nagano-irodori.com as attachments and include ①Address ②Full name ③Age ④ Title of the photograph ⑤ Subject of the photograph

Nagano Photo Contest.jpg

\500 Food Tour Book 信州500円でなっちょ!?7号

2016年7月 6日

500円でなっちょ7号.jpgWith this Shinshu restaurant passport you can enjoy meals at a discount price of ¥500. Volume 7 offers discounts at Japanese pubs, hot springs, and more. この信州の食べ歩きパスポートで様々な料理が500円で楽しめることができます。7号は居酒屋や温泉などの割引が入っています。

NINJA Project - Nagano Inbound Joint Assessment

2016年7月 5日

The NINJA Project - Nagano Inbound Joint Assessment is constantly working to share the wonderful aspects of Nagano Prefecture with the world!


Ninja project Tyler


Full members and participants include bloggers, tour guides, and even real ninja!


Ninja project JCI event

Ninja project Matsushiro

To learn more, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/NaganoINboundtoJApan/

Hotel Breakfast Special Now Until March 31, 2017

2016年7月 5日

Staying in Nagano City at one of these three hotels? Choose from 3 buffet style breakfasts and enjoy a morning stroll through the streets surrounding Zenkoji temple.

Hotel breakfast2.jpgHotel breakfast.jpg

Nagano Welcome Map Restaurants

2016年7月 5日

Looking for places to eat near Nagano Station? This English guide introduces a variety of restaurants mostly within walking distance from Nagano Station. This guide can be picked up at the Information Center at JR Nagano Station.

Nagano Welcome Map 1.jpgNagano Welcome Map 2.jpg

Nagano Welcome Map 3.jpg

The Roof of Japan: A View from Kinasa, Nagano 長野市の鬼無里村の眺め


Tucked away in the mountains, the tranquil Kinasa. Maintaining the old ways and offering a spectacular outdoor getway. Kinasa Alps 1Kinasa TempleKinasa Festival

Monzen Plaza Guide Support Center Now Open 長野市ガイド協会のガイド支援センターはオープン


Guide support centerThe Guide Support Center is now open on the first floor of Monzen Plaza. You can receive information about Nagano City and even request a tour for ¥500.

Details: http://monzen-guide.com/



Nagano City Point and Speak Sheet


This handy point and speak sheet is available in front of the JR Nagano Station Tourist Information Center. It also contains a map of the station which indicates where the surrounding bus stops are.

Point and speak2

ゆかたレッスン&茶話会in寺町商家 Yukata Lesson and Tea Party in Teramachi-shouka

2016年6月 6日

*English Below*

Shokutabi Yukata Lesson 食旅☆NAGANOによる ゆかた着付けレッスンと茶話会です
ゆかたを着て 涼やかに茶話会をいたしましょう

◎お茶ご提供 日穀製粉様
◎デザート ままおーぶん様「特製デザート」


09:30 受付
09:45 着付けレッスン開始
11:00 レッスン終了 館内散策
11:10 集合写真・茶話会(食旅の紹介など)
11:40 茶話会終了 中締め
12:00 終了

●参加費 ※お茶菓子代込
一般  1,500円
食旅会員 1,200円

ゆかたセット 500円(浴衣・帯・小物類)

-予約制- お申込み・お問合せは
食旅☆NAGANO info@shokutabinagano.com
寺町商家 TEL 026-214-5013

先着順 20名程度

※締切 6/26(日)

※イベント内での着物関連の販売は一切ございません お子様連れはご遠慮ください

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/137833169967241/

Shokutabi Nagano is offering a lesson on Sunday, July 3, 2016 on how to wear yukata followed by tea and dessert. The event will run from 9:30 to 12:00 at Teramachi-shouka http://teramachi-shouka.com/.  

Participation cost: 1,500 yen. Yukata rentals are also available for an additional 500 yen. Socks, shoes, undergarments, and handkerchief not included.

No cancellation fee will be charged as long as the cancellation is made two days prior to the event. Please do not bring children.

Application deadline: Sunday, June 26, 2016. Please register by email at info@shokutabinagano.com.

Staying at Maguse Onsen


Staying at Maguse Onsen

Maguse valley.jpg

Looking out over the valley, Maguse Onsen offers a peaceful, relaxing getaway.

Maguse dinner.jpgLunch and dinner are available at the restaurant located within the onsen.

Maguse kotatsu.jpgAs the room is equipped with a kitchenette and space for 4 people, it's perfect for a stay with friends or family.


By taxi: About 25min from Iiyama Station - 3,500 JPY

By bus: From Iiyama Station, board the #9 bus bound for Kijimadaira and transfer to a shuttle. Free on weekends, a shuttle bus picks up from this bus stop at the Kijimadaira Tourist Center.

Kijimadaira.jpgBus stop 3.jpg

For shuttle routes, times, and fare chart please click here.

A Brief Guide to the Snow Monkey Park in Yudanaka 湯田中地獄谷スノーモンキー公園簡単な案内


20160331084058-0001.jpgIf you are planning on seeing the snow monkeys in the Jigokudani Valley in the Yudanaka area, you can buy a 1-day pass that includes unlimited use of the Nagano Dentetsu train line, express bus, and local bus (restrictions apply) as well as entry to the Snow Monkey Park. Once your pass has been stamped, you must use the pass on that day. These passes can be purchased from the Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Station located underground. To board the bus take the underground passageway from the ticket window and go up the stairs (elevator also available) to the bus terminal. The pass can also be purchased from Hongo, Suzaka, Obuse, and Yudanaka Stations.

スノーモンキーに行く予定でしたら、一日中使用できる長野鉄道・高速バス・路線バス乗り放題券と入苑券セットのパスを購入することができます。 発売当日限り有効です。地下である長野駅の長野電鉄窓口から販売します。バス乗り場は地下の廊下を通って階段に登ると(エレベーターもあり)バス停があります。電鉄権堂駅・須坂駅・小布施・湯田中駅でも発売します。

The following is an example of the timetable of the trains and buses that is printed inside the 1-day pass. The times have now been changed. Please see the most recent timetable for up-to-date times. 


Things to be aware of before entering the park:


1. Wear appropriate shoes! Waterproof boots can be rented at the park entrance for ¥500, but sizes and stock cannot be guaranteed. It is about a 25 minute walk to the heart of the park, with many travelers visiting the park throughout the day. The path is narrow and can become very muddy due to melting snow and numerous people walking along the path.


2. You're clothes or baggage might get dirty.


Monkey grab.jpgThe monkeys are not shy and may grab onto your clothes or bags. Do not keep straps or other items dangling from your person or belongings.



2016 Togakushi's The Beso 2016年戸隠のTheべ~そ

2016年3月 7日

ChushaAll you can drink Shinshu sake and wine and non-alcoholic drinks with the purchase of a 300円 Beso cup plus free refills on soup curry.

20160305_192641.jpgSoup curry.jpg

Japanese drum performance and fire dancing!


Fire dancingWarm hospitality and great service at the Miyazawa Inn located just down the road from the middle shrine Togakushi Chusha.



Nagano Dentetsu Line English Guidebook

2016年3月 2日

New guidebook in English detailing things to do around major Nagaden train stops in northern Nagano.NagadenBookletFront.jpg



2016年3月 2日







Nagano Prefecture Bus Timetables in English

2016年3月 2日

Local, shuttle, and express bus timetables now available in English for Northern Nagano areas such as Togakushi, Iiyama, Nozawa, and Yamada Onsen.


Exploring Togakushi 戸隠の散策

2016年2月 9日

Famous for shrines, soba, and even ninja, Togakushi is also accessible in the winter for skiing and snowboarding as well! In order to leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy your time there, why not try staying in one of the many Japanese style inns located in the vicinity of the shrines?

The Alpico Group provides regular bus service to all of the above areas. English information is also available here. Discount round trip tickets and ski resort discount passes can also be purchased from Nagano Bus Terminal or the Bus Information Counter located in front of the number 7 bus stop. 



☆The 2016 Nagano City Lantern Festival 2016年長野市灯明祭り☆


2016 Lantern Festival.jpg


Nagano City's Lantern Festival will be held Saturday, February 6 through Sunday, February 14 at Zenkoji Temple. In addition to the light up of Zenkoji temple, the street will be lined with hand cut paper lanterns and booths will be selling treats and amazake.


Let's Visit Nakajyo! 中条へ行こう!


Tucked away in the mountains is the serene Nakajyo. There, you'll find one of Nagano Prefecture's natural monuments, a cedar tree that's estimated to be around 2,000 years old, and temples and shrines full of history.

Locally grown produce allows visitors to indulge in fresh, hearty, and delicious cooking, such as the meals served at Mura-no-eki Tsukushi http://www.naganojoho.jp/food/02/002500.php. You can also try large Oyaki in a Japanese traditional style house, the Yakimochiya http://yakimochiya.jp/


tsukushi lunch.jpgOyaki The music hall there boasts a Bosendorfer Grand Piano and a large Japanese drum. 中条にある音楽堂はベーゼンドルファー グランドピアノと大きい太鼓が自慢です。http://yakimochiya.jp/ongakudo/.

Nakajyo pianoLate April/May offers you a picturesque view of the Northern Alps still covered in snow.4月下旬・5月に雪が被っている北アルプスの景勝地が見えます。

Even if you're just passing through, be sure to take a rest and check out the local goods at Nagano-shi Michi-no-eki Nakajyo http://nakajyo-actio.jp/. その辺に通っているだけでも、是非長野市道の駅中条に寄って休みを取りながら地元のグッズをご覧ください。


Foreign Currency Exchange Service Now Offered in the JR Nagano Station JR長野駅外資両替サービス



2015 Foreign Culture Appreciation Lecture Series - Cambodia 2015年異文化理解講座シリーズ - カンボジア


Come learn about Cambodia! The 2015 Foreign Culture Appreciation Lecture Series will feature Cambodia on July 11th, 2015. The lecture will take place from 10:30~12:30 (break in-between) in the International Exchange Corner on the third floor of Monzen Plaza. For questions please contact the International Exchange Corner at 026-224-5447.


芝桜園 Shibazakura Flower Garden


Come check out the blanket of Shibazakura in Kurohime between Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, June 7th!


There will also be a craft fair at Shunkasaku Kurohime-kogen Highlands during this time on Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st. Vendors will sell hand-made crafts, and there will be food booths.





Take advantage of the nice weather by stopping by the square in front of TOIGO across from Monzen Plaza/Tomato Supermarket. From 11:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. (4/5~5/31), you can enjoy Nagano hospitality via an onsen foot bath (circulating fresh hot spring water only) as well as freshly whisked green tea (matcha) and Japanese sweets!天気が良いのを幸いにもんぜんぷら座・トマト館の向かいにTOIGO広場に立ち寄りませんか?4月5日~5月31日の11時から16時まで足湯(100%かけ流し)や抹茶と和菓子より、長野のおもてなしが感じられます!


Zenkoji Temple Profile Video with English Commentary 長野市周辺の紹介ビデオ


Introducing Zenkoji Temple, Iizuna, Togakushi, Kinasa, Oooka, Shinshushinmachi, Nakajyo, Matsushiro, and Kawanakajima via video in English: http://itv-nagano.com/cnagano/e_keinf/index.html
Zenkoji Video Profile.JPGImage Source 参照: itv-nagano.com

Other videos introducing Nagano City and the surrounding area available here (Japanese): http://itv-nagano.com/cnagano/keinf/index.html

"NAGANO Through Foreign Eyes" 「外国人がみた信州見聞録」


To learn more about Nagano or to get a foreigner's perspective on living in Nagano, check out KURA Magazine's Extra Volume "Nagano Through Foreign Eyes". A copy is also available to read in the International Relations Section on the 6th floor of Monzen Plaza in Nagano City (the same building as the International Exchange Corner).
長野についてもっとよくしるため又は長野に関しての外国籍の方の印象に興味がある方は、KURAくら別冊「外国人がみた信州見聞録」を是非読んでみてくだ さい。読みたい方は長野市のもんぜんぷら座(国際交流コーナーもあるビル)6F国際室に一冊置いてあるので、そちらでも読むことができます。
http://www.nao-magazine.jp/cp/online/kura/index_main.htmlThrough Foreign Eyes.png

60th Apricot Festival 第60回あんずまつり 第60届杏节


Picture source: 千曲市観光協会


The largest apricot field in Japan where you can see 100,000 apricot trees in once glance. The mountains and the countryside are dyed in a light pink color. Shuttle buses will be available: http://chikuma-kanko.com/modules/news/index.php?page=article&storyid=257

Dates: April 1st (Wed)-19th (Sun)

Place: Mori, Kurashina Anzu-no-Sato (Chikuma-City) 

日本一のあんずの里は「一目で10万本見える」といわれるだけあり、山も里もピンク色に染まります。 シャトルバス時刻:http://chikuma-kanko.com/modules/news/index.php?page=article&storyid=257


場所:森、倉科地区あんずの里 (千曲市)

Visiting the Snow Monkeys in Jigokudani (Hell Valley) 地獄谷でスノーモンキーと出会う


SnowMonkeyPark2Despite its name, Jigokudani is a picturesque place to visit. I highly recommend paying the park a visit. The monkeys were quite comfortable having people around snapping pictures of them. That being said, it is important to not make sudden movements or loud noises, especially around the mothers with their young.



The park is accessible by both the Nagano Dentetsu Express Snow Monkey Train and Nagano Dentetsu Express bus from Nagano Station. I took an express bus from Nagano Station to Kanbayashi Onsen. The bus boarding point was bus stop number 4 at Nagano Station's East Exit. The schedule from March 14th is available here http://www.nagadenbus.co.jp/robus/2014fuyu/shigawin2.htm. Bus fare is 1,400 yen one-way.


SnowMonkeyPark5From the Kanbayashi Onsen stop it was about a 40 minute walk with signs indicating the way to the monkeys.  Warm clothes and shoes designed for walking over snow and ice are highly recommended. The path can be narrow and slushy depending on the weather. Before beginning the trek into the valley it is possible to rent outerwear such as coats and boots for 500 yen. There is a cafe to eat at just outside of the park, but the closest ATM is at Yudanaka Station.



豊野つつじ山まつり Toyono Tsutsuji Yama Festival 丰野杜鹃花节

2014年5月 8日


Toyono Tsutsuji Yama Festival
Enjoy 10,000 red mountain Azaleas! Various events including a walking tour.
Date: May 17th (Sat)
Place: Toyono Tsutsuji Yama Koen (Toyono, Nagano City)


Togakushi Ski Area 戸隠スキー場


長野市内ではかなり暖かいですが、戸隠スキー場では新雪もあり、積雪はなんと100cmもあります!そして2月1日と2日の午後二時から、アルクマととっ がきーとじゃんけん体験もできます!

While it is relatively warm in downtown Nagano City, at Togakushi Ski Area they have new snow and have a base of 100cm! On 2/1 and 2/2 from 2pm you can even play rock-paper-scissors with Arukuma and Togakki!

togakushi ski.jpg

Christmas Lights イルミネーション


illuminations nagano.jpg

Christmas Lights (Illuminations) at Minami Nagano Sports Park
Come out and see 60,000 LED lights illuminate the night sky!

Date: Now until Dec 25th (Wed) 2013 5-10pm FREE ENTRANCE
Place: Outside the Minami Nagano Sports Park, Nagano City (Nagano Olympic Stadium)
Access: By car: about 10 minute drive from Nagano I.C. or Koushoku I.C.
Public Transportation: Shinonoi Station on the JR/Shinano Railway, then 10 minutes by taxi (or a 40 minute walk)

南長野フェスティバル2013 約6万のLED球が夜空を輝く!
   17:00~22:00   入場無料
場所:南長野運動公園 長野オリンピックスタジアム正面




◎Issaka Layla(イサカ・レイラ)

【国際交流員(Coordinator for International Relations)】


【国際交流専門員 外国人みんなのお姉さん(外国人的知心姐姐)】



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Nakajo - The Natural Side of Nagano 自然が豊かな長野にある中条

The Heidi Special ハイジ・スペシャル

【第12回写真展示会「外国籍県民が撮った長野」を開催します】 The 12th "Nagano International Perspective" Photo Exhibit 【第12届摄影作品展「外国籍县民拍摄的长野」即将召开】

Nishinomon Yoshinoya: Sake, Miso, and More! 西之門よしのや:酒・味噌等!

Make Your Voice Heard! Nagano City Hall International Exchange Meeting 国際交流市民会議


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