A Brief Guide to the Snow Monkey Park in Yudanaka 湯田中地獄谷スノーモンキー公園簡単な案内


20160331084058-0001.jpgIf you are planning on seeing the snow monkeys in the Jigokudani Valley in the Yudanaka area, you can buy a 1-day pass that includes unlimited use of the Nagano Dentetsu train line, express bus, and local bus (restrictions apply) as well as entry to the Snow Monkey Park. Once your pass has been stamped, you must use the pass on that day. These passes can be purchased from the Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Station located underground. To board the bus take the underground passageway from the ticket window and go up the stairs (elevator also available) to the bus terminal. The pass can also be purchased from Hongo, Suzaka, Obuse, and Yudanaka Stations.

スノーモンキーに行く予定でしたら、一日中使用できる長野鉄道・高速バス・路線バス乗り放題券と入苑券セットのパスを購入することができます。 発売当日限り有効です。地下である長野駅の長野電鉄窓口から販売します。バス乗り場は地下の廊下を通って階段に登ると(エレベーターもあり)バス停があります。電鉄権堂駅・須坂駅・小布施・湯田中駅でも発売します。

The following is an example of the timetable of the trains and buses that is printed inside the 1-day pass. The times have now been changed. Please see the most recent timetable for up-to-date times. 


Things to be aware of before entering the park:


1. Wear appropriate shoes! Waterproof boots can be rented at the park entrance for ¥500, but sizes and stock cannot be guaranteed. It is about a 25 minute walk to the heart of the park, with many travelers visiting the park throughout the day. The path is narrow and can become very muddy due to melting snow and numerous people walking along the path.


2. You're clothes or baggage might get dirty.


Monkey grab.jpgThe monkeys are not shy and may grab onto your clothes or bags. Do not keep straps or other items dangling from your person or belongings.



ワールドスタディカフェ2016World Study Cafe 2016

2016年3月 9日

World Study Cafe

World Study Cafe Back

2016 Togakushi's The Beso 2016年戸隠のTheべ~そ

2016年3月 7日

ChushaAll you can drink Shinshu sake and wine and non-alcoholic drinks with the purchase of a 300円 Beso cup plus free refills on soup curry.

20160305_192641.jpgSoup curry.jpg

Japanese drum performance and fire dancing!


Fire dancingWarm hospitality and great service at the Miyazawa Inn located just down the road from the middle shrine Togakushi Chusha.



Nagano Dentetsu Line English Guidebook

2016年3月 2日

New guidebook in English detailing things to do around major Nagaden train stops in northern Nagano.NagadenBookletFront.jpg



2016年3月 2日







14th Matsushiro Doll Festival 第14回松代でひな祭り

2016年3月 2日

Nagano City's Matsushiro is hosting a variety of events during the month of March in celebration of Japan's Doll Festival. For event dates and additional information please visit the following link: http://www.matsushiro-year.jp/modules/eventguide/index.php?action=EventView&event_id=48



Nagano Prefecture Bus Timetables in English

2016年3月 2日

Local, shuttle, and express bus timetables now available in English for Northern Nagano areas such as Togakushi, Iiyama, Nozawa, and Yamada Onsen.





◎Issaka Layla(イサカ・レイラ)

【国際交流員(Coordinator for International Relations)】


【国際交流専門員 外国人みんなのお姉さん(外国人的知心姐姐)】



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