Nakajo - The Natural Side of Nagano 自然が豊かな長野にある中条


On the outskirts of Nagano City and enroute to Hakuba, you'll find Nakajo.

Nakajo Nanohana.jpgNakajo offers numerous picturesque views of the Japan Alps, which are still covered in snow even in May. They are also running an Artist-in-Residence Program NAGAIR: https://www.city.nagano.nagano.jp/soshiki/geijutsu/131533.html.


Map 1.jpgMap 2.jpgThere are plenty of historic places to see within Nakajo itself. You can even stay in a renovated farmhouse. The traditional, thatched-roof building offers modern amenities amidst the atmosphere of a different time period. Even if you aren't staying, you can still enjoy a meal and view the traditional fire place where the baked oyaki dumplings are prepared. http://yakimochiya.jp/


If you're just passing through, you can find many local goods at the Michi-no-eki Rest Area: http://nakajyo-actio.jp/

Nishinomon Yoshinoya: Sake, Miso, and More! 西之門よしのや:酒・味噌等!

2017年3月 9日


Sake Brewery
and Miso Manufacturing Company20170308_120028.jpg

Founded in Kyoto, the business was moved here in 1637.


It is just down the street from Zenkoji Temple.


Washoku Restaurant Sakura

At Restaurant Sakura, you can enjoy the depth of flavors of the miso and sake produced on site. In the spring, you can also enjoy the view of the property's mutilple cherry blossom trees.


Hours 11:00~20:00
Closed Every 4th Wednesday

Access & Contact

Map: http://www.nishinomon-yoshinoya.com/company.html

Restaurant and Shop Inquiries

TEL 026-237-5000
Hours 9:00~17:30
365 days a year

For more information: http://www.nishinomon-yoshinoya.com/

Miso Shop and Restaurant Suyakame すや亀


Discover a variety of ways to enjoy miso with this restaurants healthy but filling dishes incorporating local miso. Choices include udon noodles, thinly sliced pork with miso, and fish stewed in a miso sauce.

Dishes that come with miso soup include free refills, and you can choose from 3 different types of miso soup! Lunch prices are from around 900~1,200 yen. You can even buy miso ice cream! Since the restaurant is attached to a miso shop, you can purchase miso and other products to take home with you. This restaurant is down a side street connected to the main road that leads to Zenkoji Temple.

20170119_125322.jpgI enjoyed the yaki-onigiri (grilled rice-ball) set which came with one topped with miso and one topped with soy sauce. I chose the miso soup with cheese, fried wheat-gluten, and seaweed. The set also included pickles and other sides dishes.

Hours: 9am to 6pm
losed Sundays and public holidays.

625 Nishigo-cho, Nagano City 380-0845 (380-0845 長野県長野市西後町625)


Zenkoji Shopping Street Shop Yokubun 善光寺表参道商店街の店 横文



Located along the Zenkoji Omotesando Shopping Street, Yokobun handles ceramics and some antiques. Although the shop has irregular holidays, the proprietor can speak both Japanese and English, and if you find him at the shop, he will be happy to speak with you. Even if you are not interested in making purchases, you can ask him for information about the surrounding area.




 The rear of the shop offers a serene view of a Japanese garden complete with a small stream flowing from a well that is over 100 years old. You'll also notice a storehouse built in the style of traditional Japanese storehouses.

For more information please visit: http://www.nagano-saijiki.jp/shoparea/shopsite/yokobun.html



のんびり屋ララ 自主生産品 Handmade Goods at Easygoing Lala




  • 販売時間 午前10時~午後8時
  • 休館日 第1,3水曜日(その日が祝日の場合は翌日)・年末年始

Easygoing Lala is located on the first floor of Monzen Plaza in Nagano City. It is run through groups that support people with disabilities, and many of those people are able to sell their hand made goods here. Some of their items such as bags and aprons they create by reusing materials from clothes such as second-hand kimono.

Hours: 10am - 8pm
 Closed: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month (If that day falls on a public holiday, the store will be closed the day after the public holiday.)


Nagano City Point and Speak Sheet


This handy point and speak sheet is available in front of the JR Nagano Station Tourist Information Center. It also contains a map of the station which indicates where the surrounding bus stops are.

Point and speak2

☆Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Stamp Rally☆北陸新幹線沿線県アンテナショップキャンペーン開催


A stamp rally is being held in commemoration of the 1 year anniversary of the completion of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line to Kanazawa. Antenna shops or branch stores from the prefectures connected by the Hokuriku Shinkansen are located in Tokyo. There are six shops representing Nagano, Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui Prefecture, which will also be accessible via the Hokuriku line in the future.

Maps of locations:
Nagano - http://www.ginza-nagano.jp/en
Niigata - http://www2.nico.or.jp/nespace/access.html
Toyama - http://toyamakan.jp/?page_id=16
Ishikawa - http://100mangokushop.jp/access
Fukui - http://fukui.291ma.jp/store/index.html and

The stamp rally will run from Friday, February 12 until Monday, March 21.
Gold: Up to 5 people who obtain 5 stamps will each receive ¥30,000 vouchers which can be used at designated hotels in the participating prefectures.
Silver: Up to 25 people who obtain 5 stamps will each receive ¥10,000 (¥2,000 for each prefecture) in vouchers.
Bronze: Up to 100 people who obtain 3 stamps will each receive ¥2,000 in vouchers that can be used at the antenna shops.
The first 1,250 applicants will receive a prize.

Regular products will also be on sale at discounted prices. Customers who spend ¥500 or more will be entered into a raffle to win:
Gold: ¥5,000 worth of goods - 5 customers
Silver: ¥1,000 worth of goods - 25 customers
Bronze: One of the antenna shops recommended products - 50 customers











Hokuriku Stamp Rally

♪Nagano City Sake Fest ながの酒フェス♪



2016酒フェス地図.jpg2/6 (Sat) ~ 2/13 (Sat)
Event Location: Patio Daimon Kuraniwa
Come have a taste of the local sake from Nagano City at Patio Daimon Kuraniwa located along the street leading up to Zenkoji Temple. All of the shops there have prepared special menus to pair with the local brands brought to you by Sakagura! Please see the flier below for shop locations.

2/12 (Fri) 5PM ~ 9PM and 2/13 (Sat) 3PM ~9PM ONLY
Receive your own special edition sake cup and taste test sake from up to 7 different sake breweries in the Patio Daimon Square. Light snacks are included! The event will be held outside, so please dress warm.
Tickets can be purchased in advance for ¥1,000 at Engawa (Patio Daimon - building #6 on the map) or Tomato Supermarket (Monzen Plaza 1st Floor) from 2/1 (Mon). The price for tickets on the day-of is ¥1,200.
**This event is NOT all-you-can-drink. Thank you for your understanding.**

※Alcohol will only be served to those 20 years of age and older.
※Driving after drinking is prohibited.

For questions, please contact the Nagano City Industrial Policy Section at 026-224-8318 (Japanese only).

☆The 2016 Nagano City Lantern Festival 2016年長野市灯明祭り☆


2016 Lantern Festival.jpg


Nagano City's Lantern Festival will be held Saturday, February 6 through Sunday, February 14 at Zenkoji Temple. In addition to the light up of Zenkoji temple, the street will be lined with hand cut paper lanterns and booths will be selling treats and amazake.


♪The 11th Annual Monpura Festa 第11回フェスタもんぷら2016♪


The 2016 Monpura Festa will be held Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7 in the basement of Nagano City's Monzen Plaza. The Festa will feature numerous musical and dance performances as wellas a model trains display, snack booths, and a flea market. Please see the flier pictured below for more information.



Let's Visit Nakajyo! 中条へ行こう!


Tucked away in the mountains is the serene Nakajyo. There, you'll find one of Nagano Prefecture's natural monuments, a cedar tree that's estimated to be around 2,000 years old, and temples and shrines full of history.

Locally grown produce allows visitors to indulge in fresh, hearty, and delicious cooking, such as the meals served at Mura-no-eki Tsukushi http://www.naganojoho.jp/food/02/002500.php. You can also try large Oyaki in a Japanese traditional style house, the Yakimochiya http://yakimochiya.jp/


tsukushi lunch.jpgOyaki The music hall there boasts a Bosendorfer Grand Piano and a large Japanese drum. 中条にある音楽堂はベーゼンドルファー グランドピアノと大きい太鼓が自慢です。http://yakimochiya.jp/ongakudo/.

Nakajyo pianoLate April/May offers you a picturesque view of the Northern Alps still covered in snow.4月下旬・5月に雪が被っている北アルプスの景勝地が見えます。

Even if you're just passing through, be sure to take a rest and check out the local goods at Nagano-shi Michi-no-eki Nakajyo http://nakajyo-actio.jp/. その辺に通っているだけでも、是非長野市道の駅中条に寄って休みを取りながら地元のグッズをご覧ください。


"NAGANO Through Foreign Eyes" 「外国人がみた信州見聞録」


To learn more about Nagano or to get a foreigner's perspective on living in Nagano, check out KURA Magazine's Extra Volume "Nagano Through Foreign Eyes". A copy is also available to read in the International Relations Section on the 6th floor of Monzen Plaza in Nagano City (the same building as the International Exchange Corner).
長野についてもっとよくしるため又は長野に関しての外国籍の方の印象に興味がある方は、KURAくら別冊「外国人がみた信州見聞録」を是非読んでみてくだ さい。読みたい方は長野市のもんぜんぷら座(国際交流コーナーもあるビル)6F国際室に一冊置いてあるので、そちらでも読むことができます。
http://www.nao-magazine.jp/cp/online/kura/index_main.htmlThrough Foreign Eyes.png




◎Issaka Layla(イサカ・レイラ)

【国際交流員(Coordinator for International Relations)】


【国際交流専門員 外国人みんなのお姉さん(外国人的知心姐姐)】



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Nakajo - The Natural Side of Nagano 自然が豊かな長野にある中条

Nishinomon Yoshinoya: Sake, Miso, and More! 西之門よしのや:酒・味噌等!

Miso Shop and Restaurant Suyakame すや亀

Zenkoji Shopping Street Shop Yokubun 善光寺表参道商店街の店 横文

のんびり屋ララ 自主生産品 Handmade Goods at Easygoing Lala


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長野のいいねを教えください ナガラボ 長野の魅力発見隊 長野市地域おこし協力隊 長野の名水 ふるさとNAGANO応援団 私たちも長野市大好き