Public Bath House Alps Onsen, Nagano City 長野市のアルプス温泉(銭湯)



Alps Onsen is about a 10 minute walk from Nagano Station's Zenkoji Exit. Although it is not a natural hot spring, this bath house provides a quiet place to warm yourself during the cold Nagano winter. The facility itself is quite old, but the staff are friendly and the changing and bathing areas are clean.

The cost to enter is 380 yen, and towel rentals are free. Payment is made via cash only to the older woman who oversees both the male and female bathing areas (She is able to view both the men's and women's sides).

Unlike at some older hot spring facilities, you will find shoe lockers and lockers for valuables. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are not included, so you will need to bring your own or purchase some available on site. Other amenities such as razors are also available for purchase. You can use the hair dryer there for 20 yen.

The bath water is kept very hot in order to help kill bacteria. There are faucets to add cold water, but be sure to try and ask any other bathers first before turning on a faucet. Older bathers especially may become upset that cold water is being added.

Typically you rinse off before entering the bath briefly to warm your body. After this you can then proceed to wash your hair etc. If you are not used to bathing in such hot water, do not remain in for extended periods of time as you may become light-headed.

2:00pm - 10:30pm
Closed Mondays (Open on national public holidays)

1481 Shinden-cho, Minaminagano, Ooaza, Nagano City

10 minutes walking from Nagano Station. 17 minutes walking from Zenkoji Temple. The building is located along a narrow side street next to Monzen Plaza (the Tomato Supermarket Building).

You can take the local city bus "Gururin-go" for 150 yen from any stop on the line and get off at Showadori 昭和通り. The last Gururin-go bus bound for Nagano Station picks up from Showadori at 7:51pm.

Nagaden and Alpico buses bound for Gondo 権堂 also drop-off and pick-up at Showadori. Times vary between weekdays and weekends.






◎Paige Norris(ペイジ・ノリス)

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【第12回写真展示会「外国籍県民が撮った長野」を開催します】 The 12th "Nagano International Perspective" Photo Exhibit 【第12届摄影作品展「外国籍县民拍摄的长野」即将召开】

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